The revolutionary technology of the MAZ mixer finds its roots in KURABO; a spinning company established in 1888 in Kurashiki City, Japan, to promote local industry. The company name KURABO comes from the Japanese “Kurashiki Bouseki” (Kurashiki Spinning), with Kurashiki being the company’s birthplace.

At the company’s beginning, raw cotton had to be imported to Japan, thus generating the need to improve the technology in order to obtain consistent quality products by blending multiple kinds of cotton from countries around the world.

Throughout its existence, KURABO has kept its original spirit and always made sure to quickly respond to changes in markets and consistently produce innovation.

What first started as a textile products manufacturer nearly 130 years ago, expanded to various fields that now include chemical products, food & service business and real estate business. KURABO is also involved in the advanced technology markets, such as the fields of biomedical, engineering and electronics.

Industries That Use KURABO Technologies

Chemical Products

Food & Service

Machine Tools

Real Estate


Repurposed Technology

The planetary motion technology performs mixing and deaeration simultaneously by spinning the container on two different axes. MEDISCA is the first compounding supplier to repurpose and optimize this planetary mixer for the pharmaceutical compounding industry through rigorous testing and ongoing studies.

Our goal is to truly service and address the needs of a compounding pharmacist. The MAZ mixer is a groundbreaking machine that enables compounders to create fully deaerated and homogenized formulations and elevate product quality to the next level.

The Evolution of the MAZ Mixer

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