Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MAZ mixer available in other sizes?

Yes, there are multiple models ranging in capacities from 250 g to 20 Kg. MEDISCA has selected the KK-300SS as its benchmark model, as it is suitable for most compounding practices. All models use the same planetary mixing technology with mixing / deaerating settings optimized for each. MEDISCA is exclusive for the entire line of MAZ mixers and can source any model required.

What are the most ideal applications for the MAZ mixer?

Mixing creams / gels / ointments:
- Compounded preparations with hormones.
- Multi-API formulations.
- Low concentration API formulations.

Mixing liquids:
- High-viscosity liquids which are normally difficult to mix or which require long processing time by conventional mixing machines.
- Suspensions: Mixing liquids and powders, which need to be evenly mixed even if their characteristics and specific gravities are widely different.

- With its built-in vacuum-like feature (degas mode), you can remove entrapped air, resulting in a beautifully elegant product for the pharmacist, and accurate dispensing of the medication for the patient.
- The rotation of the unit for 3 minutes generates enough heat to melt Gelatin Gum Base at a max temperature of 50oC.
Milling: - Adding the Zirconia milling beads with a stainless steel liner will allow you to micronize your powders thus replacing the process of trituration.

Can the MAZ mixer be used to mix powders?

Given its high G-forces, the MAZ mixer can thoroughly mix powders, but in limited quantities. For the KK-300SS, a maximum of 25 g can be thoroughly mixed in 30 seconds at 1,500 rpm. For optimal and effective mixing of larger amounts of powders, MEDISCA recommends the Inversina mixer; a cost-effective solution allowing you to mix up to 2 L of powders.

What are other potential capabilities of the MAZ mixer?

Custom adapters can be developed in order to allow for mixing in different type of containers (pump bottles, syringes, etc.).

Milling: The MAZ mixer has particle sizing capability using milling media (Zirconium balls and cylinders). Preliminary results show a significant reduction in particle size from baseline measurements. For example, baseline Gabapentin had 90% of its distribution < 181 μm, 50% < 78 μm, and 10% < 18 μm. After 30 seconds of milling at half speed (1000 rpm), particle size was reduced to 83 μm , 14 μm, and 2 μm for 90%, 50%, and 10% distributions respectively. Additional data is currently being collected to determine optimal milling parameters.

How loud is the MAZ mixer?

Under maximum capacity and speed, at a distance of 1 m, the KK-300SS has an operating volume of approximately 65 dB. To put this in context, it is comparable to the volume of a verbal conversation.

What are the applicable working parameters for a 250 g formulation? (Applicable to KK-300SS model.)

Mixing: Creams, gels, ointments, liquids, and suspensions can all be mixed in 30 seconds at maximum speed (2,000 rpm), with minimal heat generation. For the KK-300SS, an operator would rarely use mixing times in excess of 2 minutes.

Deaeration: Cream, gels, and ointments can be deaerated in 1 minute at maximum speed (2,200 rpm), with minimal heat generation.

Melting: Gelatin Gum Base can be melted in 3 minutes.

Milling: Powder micronization can be achieved in 1 minute.

What evidence does MEDISCA have to support the MAZ mixer?

Mixing: A stability-indicating High Pressure Liquid Choromotography (HPLC) method was developed to determine the exact concentration of each API within different layers of the preparation.

Deaerating: Pycnometer measurements to confirm that the specific gravity of topical preparations can be restored after entrapped air is removed.

Milling: Quantitative measurements using the Malvern Mastersizer machine.

What is the lead time to receive a MAZ mixer?

For smaller capacity units, the lead time is 5 business days if in stock. If model is out of stock, expect a 3-4 week lead time.

For larger capacity units, typical lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Any operating cautions?

All mixing / deareating procedures should be performed using the mixing containers provided. Do not use any other jars, unless a custom adaptor is in use.

Can I incorporate the MAZ mixer with my HD compounding?

Yes, the MAZ mixer and mixing jar provides a closed system to mix all your preparations.

Does MEDISCA provide a video or instructional material?

Yes, a video explaining features of the MAZ mixer along with a demo can be found on MEDISCA’s website. Specification sheets and brochures can also be downloaded from MEDISCA’s website.

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