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The revolutionary MAZ mixer is quickly becoming a must-have technology in compounding pharmacies worldwide.

Club MAZ offers exclusive FREE services to owners of the MAZ mixer. It provides members with a wide range of benefits designed to enhance day-to-day operations with this revolutionary machine. Members get to join a network of compounders from around the world, while having access to the latest techniques and the most up-to-date resources on compounding with the MAZ mixer.

Club MAZ simply makes compounding smoother, easier and more efficient. Join the club!


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Recommend the MAZ mixer
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MAZ Wizard

By joining Club MAZ, you will enjoy FREE access to our exceptional MAZ Wizard service. Providing 24/7 online access to pharmacists, it allows for unparalleled efficiency when operating a MAZ mixer for all preparations. Based on the mixing parameters and criteria selected by the compounding specialist, the MAZ Wizard service offers clear and simple instructions to obtain a high-quality mixture.

Video Tutorials

Our Video tutorials give you a better understanding of the steps to follow. They will facilitate your activities, from the initial set-up of your MAZ mixer to actual compounding procedures.

MIXING - This tutorial covers various mixing protocols to guide you step-by-step all the way through the results you need.

DEAERATION - Do you wish to master the best technique to evacuate air bubbles within topical preparations? The deaeration video tutorial will answer all your questions.

MELTING - Learn how to easily and effectively melt gelatin gum base without the need for beakers or a hot plate.

MILLING - Forget about the mortar and pestle and discover the use of milling media with the MAZ mixer. By the end of this tutorial, effortless milling will be within your reach.

Customized MAZ Mixer Process

Our database is extensive and covers many processes. Should you require a process developed specifically for your formulations, you have the ability to purchase the Customized MAZ Mixer Process service. Created to help you tailor the compounding processes you need, this service allows you to rapidly reach your objectives.

Favorite MAZ Formulas

This functionality creates a history of your frequently saved searches and allows for a quick and easy access to your most preferred processes.

FREE Unlimited Support

Do you have questions? We have the answers! As a MAZ mixer owner, you have access to our experienced team of specialists who will provide you with all the support you need while operating the MAZ mixer.

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